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Our experienced team consists of passionate and dedicated professionals who are committed to providing your furry friend with a safe, fun, and nurturing environment.


Brian Allison


I want your dog to stay healthy, be social, have fun and burn energy in a safe environment.

Jing Ye



My name is Jing and I have been grooming dogs professionally since 2018. At home my 2 cats run the household; Lanny who is a Calico, and Todd is an Orange Tabby! When I’m not at work you can find me outside enjoying the sun while barbecuing in the yard or out fishing with friends!

My favorite breed to groom is the “oodles” of every variety such as Goldendoodles, Labradoodles and Sheepadoodles! I am comfortable grooming all breeds of every size but I love styling whoever is well-behaved. I would describe myself as a calm groomer with lots of patience and knowledge. I can’t wait to meet you and give your dog a fresh new hair cut!

Image by charlesdeluvio
Image by Chino Rocha

Mary MacPherson


My name is Mary and I started working with Brian in 2020 when he was operating BRC out of his house. My home is run by the family dog named Penny, she's 13 years young and is a mix of German Shepard with Husky and Norwegian Elkhound (yes lots of hair)

When I'm not playing with the pups, you can find me studying for school which I am working towards a field in Social Work, or practicing rhythmic gymnastics which I coach as well. Can't wait to meet all your pups give them all a good belly rub!

Nikkole Howarth


My name is Nikkole (or Nikki) and I am owned by my dog Whistle who is an Australian Shepherd (you can check her out on Instagram @whistle.theredtri) and my family dog Rico, the Pomeranian!

I joined the Belly Rub Club team in early June of 2023 but I have worked in some of Winnipegs largest dog daycares and grooming salons since 2017. With my experience and professional training in the industry, I would say my strength is reading dogs body language and making sure your dogs are having a comfortable visit with balanced playing. My favourite part of the job is watching the pups have a fun filled day (or stay) away from home, it always brings a smile to my face! You’ll mostly find me in daycare with your pups but I may run into you at the front desk, or even trimming your pups nails!

Whippet Dog

Laura McKay




The Belly Rub Club

3227 Roblin Boulevard

Winnipeg, MB R3R 0C2

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